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Selling your starter home, in this intense seller’s market, and upgrading to your forever home that you’ve always wanted is easier than you think! How do I know? Well, because we are a real estate team who specializes in helping people find their dream home or their forever home. So when you’re ready to sell your starter house, it’s my job to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on your next one. When it comes time for homeowners to move up in their real estate journey, they often find that this is a big moment in life and want to take all the necessary steps so that everything goes smoothly and successfully. When people start looking for homes they’re typically also looking at whether or not they should sell their current home first. If you are one of these homeowners who are ready to upgrade, then this video might be just what you have been waiting for! There are three ways to make sure that your offer is the one that is accepted by the seller on your forever home:
1. Contigency offer
2. Bridge loan
3. Using a rent back on your current home